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How to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home

by Ken Xiao 27 Mar 2017
How to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home

There are certain things about a house that make it a warm and welcoming place for family and friends. More often than not, it’s the simple things that make the difference – here are just a few ideas…


It’s important that your home is lit well, and the ‘perfect’ lighting varies between each room. For example, the living room – the most likely room where you will welcome your guests – will want subtle yet dramatic lighting to add to its warmth. By this contradiction we mean that the room should be lit all round, however, some lights should highlight certain areas for that dramatic appeal.

Tiffany lamps make the perfect addition to any room, especially living rooms. They are not only an extremely attractive feature for any room but their use of light, colours and angles create an interesting effect that positively impact the room.

Paint colour

The colour of your walls is another important characteristic to your home. There are some colours that people are drawn to, and some that people are repelled by; this is all down to colour psychology. However, whilst the best colour to induce optimism is yellow, this may not be the best colour to paint your entire living room (depending on the shade, of course).

Again you have to be subtle with your paint colour or wallpaper. Warm and neutral colours are a popular look for living rooms, although if you can’t get away from the idea of your favourite bright colour, stick to one wall. This will make for a cool look with a singular accented wall.


When it comes to arranging your furniture, some things just work and some things really don’t. It all comes down to the room size and shape, as well as the all the furniture’s size, shape and the angle you put it at. But how will you know that you’ve got it right? Well, firstly you won’t be bashing into anything whilst you are walking around, and secondly, you’ll just know. It’s all about good traffic – make it count.


There should be something in your main room – the living room, perhaps – that the room sort of centres around. It should be something creative and something that’s going to start conversation. That could be in the form of a painting, a vase, or perhaps a Tiffany lamp! Tiffany lamps come in a range of styles and sizes and will guarantee a talking point for anyone that sees it.

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