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Huge 20" Dragonfly Stained Glass Tiffany Table Lamp with Lady peacock Base

  • Vendor: Joanne Tiffany
  • Product Type: Tiffany Table Lamps
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Create a stunning addition to your decor with the Tiffany table Lamp. The domed shade accents on a floral vine with pastel pink, lavender, and blue blossoms winding its way through a brown trellis. Set against a background of lush green leaves and sunny yellow art glass, our artisans have added art glass jewels in red, blue, yellow, white and green for depth and texture. The shade's bottom edge is cut out along the borders of the leaves and petals for realistic detail.  The base feature a vintage style of art deco sculpture of a young lady with a vivid peacock. This lamp fits perfectly into any room or office and the handcraft was done using methods first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Brand new, exquisite, gorgeous tiffany style lamp is a unique, handcrafted work of Art Nouveau variation in the glass. Using genuine hand-rolled art stained glass, the lampshades are being handmade in the original process originally developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago. The many single pieces of the shade are being cut out with stencil and then polished. All handcrafted from these many little pieces; the shade is put together by the edges with a thin foil of copper and then soldered together by hand. In this way, a very detailed glass-mosaic is being created and so the shade gets its individual shape. Depending on the size and number of glass pieces, up to 100 hours of work come together when manufacturing one single lamp! With this handcrafted process, no two pieces are exactly alike, making each design a treasured keepsake.

Each glass shade is inspected on a lightbox to ensure the brilliance of color, pattern, continuity, and structural integrity. Each base is similarly inspected, having been manufactured in accordance with Australian Safety standards .All products are then assembled, tested, and packed according to guidelines that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring only the highest quality reaches your home. The exquisite appeal of Tiffany styling remains popular in traditional and contemporary decor. Our featured specials present even further discounts on many fine lamps in a range of styles. Choose any of these spectacular designs and you'll own the finest in Tiffany styling. Our selection of tiffany lamps will dazzle in any space including a home office, a family room, or any living and entertaining space.


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